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We would love to answer any questions you may have. If you cant find an answer, simply fill in the form and we’ll contact you as well as update this section with the answer.

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Yes. Not that you’ll need it though – we have never had an incident that ended in a client losing their cargo in our hands.

We take your clients’ privacy very seriously. All our staff are regularly trained on customer service which is why our customers keep coming back.

We have built a system that takes into account cost efficiency, employs a strategy that reduces turnaround times, keeps you updated throughout the transit process, and reduces time spent clearing customs.

Why? We hate complications, and we know you do too.

This motto sits at the heart of everything we do so from the moment you check your goods in, they are as good as ours until they get to their destination – take a break if you have to.

We aim to meet every customers’ demands for a personal yet professional service by taking the complication out of logistics.

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